Apr. 7, 2021

Door decoration

Interior doors act not only as functional elements of the situation, separating and isolating the rooms from each other, but are also an important decorative component of the interior.

One of the possibilities for diversification of the situation, without resorting to expensive repairs, is the original design and decor of the door.

Thanks to such a simple solution, the interior will acquire individuality, which is quite difficult to achieve with ready-made solutions for shops. Often the reason for decorating the doors are negative changes in their appearance due to the operation, when the door leaf is covered with scratches, cracks, chips and other defects. At the same time, the door itself works properly. It's a pity to change it, not necessarily.  On the other hand, you can always find cheap solutions for cheap replacement kitchen doors, bathroom doors or living room doors. There are many simple and effective techniques that allow you to restore old doors quickly and efficiently, giving them a second life. 

In different styles
Doors - an important style that forms the element of the interior. Most likely one of the criteria for choosing to buy is their style. For the same reason, when you intend to decorate the doors, be immediately identified with the stylish component of the future design.

Consider popular styles:

Classic style. The classic and considered proportions of the doors, inherent in the ancient Roman and ancient Greek classicism, as well as the luxurious intricate decor of paintings typical of the palace styles, and the simplest design in the neoclassical trends are considered classic. Due to their massiveness, authentic classic doors are usually associated with home interiors. In fact, they often decorate different apartments, corresponding to the idea of ​ owners for comfort. You can update their appearance in different ways.

Thus, the design of lined interior doors is characterized by the presence of a visible wooden frame, which performs the load-bearing function and molded inserts - panels. They can be glass or sheet materials - MDF / LDSP or plywood. It is interesting to paint embossed elements with a mirror mosaic and to paint the glass surfaces with acrylic.

Minimalism and high-tech.
Among the most sought-after style trends, leadership belongs to high-tech and minimalist designs. They are characterized by impersonality, intransigence, universality, purposefulness, and convenience. They are combined with furniture in any modern design and do not claim to the most daring artistic experiments of the owners.
With a tendency to frequent changes in space, but without drastic transformations, you can simply limit yourself to changing the color of the doors.

The design is in the style of the gentle pastoral French side, as well as the design of the Scandinavian shade of a bright palette of shades. That is why these houses and apartments are often white doors. Their appearance can be transformed by finishing with the effect of patination. There are various ways to create a modern plaque from antiquity, from simple patination to the use of gold, silver, and bronze and sophisticated surface treatment technology with the production of two effects - patination + craquelure. The last two methods of coverage are quite difficult to reproduce at home.